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Eye on Black Carbon: Invitation to side event 12 December 2019 at the Air Convention 40th Anniversary

December 04, 2019

EUA-BCA Side event at the Air Convention 40th Anniversary

12th of December 2019, 13.00-15.00, Salle XXI, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Eye on Black Carbon

Black carbon is a global climate, air quality and human health concern. From a regional perspective, black carbon emissions from outside and within the Arctic are disproportionally affecting the Arctic climate, environment, and air quality

The Arctic is a strategically important region and is experiencing dramatic, transformative impacts from climate change, economic development and modernization. Studies suggest that black carbon has contributed significantly to recent warming in the Arctic. Its short lifetime in the atmosphere means that reducing black carbon emissions can have immediate benefits, allowing for slower warming in the Arctic and elsewhere while nations work on measures to address longer-term global climate change. The EU, Arctic Council, Air Convention and CCAC and many countries recognize the importance of acting now on black carbon to improve air quality, protect human health, and reduce its warming effect in the Arctic. Cost-effective technologies to reduce emissions have already been identified and can be implemented now.

Building on existing initiatives and technologies, can emission reductions to protect air quality, human health, and the Arctic environment be facilitated through finding a common direction of international and national policies? This is the key question guiding the side event Eye on Black Carbon.



Small lunch outside Salle XXI


Eye on Black Carbon – the current situation and challenges with black carbon in the Arctic
Stefan Åström, IVL


Options to reduce effects of black carbon in the Arctic
Markus Amann, IIASA


An overview of current policies to deal with the challenges of black carbon in the Arctic
Kristín-Linda Árnadóttir, Arctic Council EGBCM Chair


Panel discussion: Moderator Annika Nilsson
Speakers + Angela Filipas (European Investment Bank), Jennifer Kerr (Environment Canada) and Susanne Lindahl (European Commission)


End of session